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Organic Marries Luxury
Robbie Adrian is as passionate about luxury and style for your baby as they are about the environment.  Whether you are looking for the healthiest and most sumptuous blanket for your baby, or the most elegant and chic gift, Robbie Adrian luxury organic baby blankets are exquisitely made and are offered in plush 100% certified organic cotton velour or soft 100% certified organic cotton fleece.  Trimmed with 100% natural silk, in rich matching hues. All blankets are machine washable and dryable.  Made in the USA.
Organically grown cotton is better for the health of your family and the environment.  It is that simple. 

What is organic?
Organic cotton is cotton grown naturally without the use of harmful chemicals.  Organic farming relies on natural processes to grow, maintain and harvest the cotton, rather than the chemicals in pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers used in growing conventional cotton.

Halle Berry, Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Lopez are a few of the celebrities who love Robbie Adrian blankets. 

Pre-order yours today at www.motherearthandbaby.com and receive free shipping* with code:  Robbie

*free shipping is only valid in the USA.  This offer expires on September 18th.

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With so much talk about global warming, eco-friendly products and going green, what does being green mean to you?

Does it mean throwing out everything that isn’t natural or eco-friendly?  Does it mean driving a hybrid, bathing once a week with rain water and having solar panels on your home?  Or does it just mean making small changes, like recycling cans and newspapers?  

With so many options available these days, going green is easier then ever.  Even the smallest changes help save Mother Earth and make our planet a little greener for generations to come.  I like to think that there are shades of green, or levels of green and if we all do something, it’s a start in the right direction. 

For the expecting mom, or new mom to be, there are organic cotton and bamboo maternity clothes, natural pregnancy products, skin care and even diaper bags.  For baby, every day new products are emerging.  From BPA-Free baby bottles, to easy-to-use cloth diapers, to bamboo clothing and organic mattresses.

Now that gas prices are soaring, it’s also easier than ever to shop online for all your eco-friendly purchases.  Sit back and relax with an iced or hot tea, whatever your beverage preference is, (it is your home after all) and browse the internet for all your needs.  And organic, doesn’t mean drab anymore!  Organic has gone luxury.  Oh yes it has, with colors and ultra soft, comfortable organic cotton and bamboo clothing, sheets, toys, etc…  Looking for one stop shopping?  Visit www.motherearthandbaby.com for a wide range of eco-friendly products and gifts for baby and mom!  Going green has never been so easy or stylish!

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