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By Heidi Rosenberg

When purchasing books for the lovely children in our lives the highest
priority should be to seek out books with meaningful content. Try to avoid
poor quality and commercialism.

Go back in time when my generation (children of the 70’s) and older were
growing up. Almost all the books were good quality books, with great
content. I am sure you still remember some to this day. In the 80’s two
things happened, big publishing houses and mass retailers! Because of this
profit margins became the driving force for the production of books. All of
a sudden books became based on TV cartoons, video games and general

So getting back to the question, how do you choose good quality books for
children when there are so many books out there?

1. Seek out books that you remember from your childhood. (House that Jack
built, Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Hen, Three Billy Goats Gruff and
many more)
2. Look for new books that will build on important values for your family.
3. Avoid books that will take the child back to the television or computer.
4. Give your child good quality books. 5. Read to your child and enjoy good
quality time together. Books with music CDs are a great way to enjoy a

Barefoot Books, a small independent company that started in 1993 by two
working mothers, Nancy Traversy and Tessa Strickland has the vision and
goals to publish and share books, gifts and arts that promote children’s
love for learning, independence of the spirit, multiculturalism and
protection of the environment. Barefoot Books products include award-winning
books, music cds and colorful artworks that appeal to children and all
children at heart.

About the Author
Written by Heidi Rosenberg I became an independent stallholder for Barefoot
Books in September 2008. I have two young children and we love reading
together. Being an independent stallholder has given me the opportunity to
stay home with my children but still earn a little bit of spending money. We
love the books; they have such great artwork and fantastic stories and many
of the books have facts for the reader in the back.
My website www.barefootbooksus.com

My link to barefoot books


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