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Alright, I’ll admit it, when my daughter was an infant there were two things that made me really nervous.  One was bathing her and the other was clipping her miniscule, translucent fingernails.  (We’ll discuss the fingernails tomorrow.)  When bathing my daughter in the sink, I was always afraid she’d slip out of my hands and bang her sweet little head on the porcelein.  If I bathed her in the baby tub, she would cry like she was being tortured.  She didn’t like the reclined position or having parts of her exposed to the cold. 

How I wish I had known about these wonderful European tubs.  Designed from your baby’s point of view, this bath allows your baby to sit in a natural upright position and keeps your baby warm and relaxed in the bath. Babies love this tub.  Parents love it too because it is easy to use, comforting and secure for your baby.

Made by Spa Baby with this guarantee – your baby will not cry in this tub.  If your baby doesn’t love this tub, you can return it for a full refund.   Some other great features; they’re BPA Free and 100% recycleable.  Fill the tub with an organic hooded bath towel or wrap, washclothes, bamboo After bath hat, organic pajamas and all natural baby products and you have the perfect baby gift! 

Available now in the USA at motherearthandbaby.com!

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Bamboobino_hooded_wrap A towel is a towel is a towel, right?  Wrong.  If it’s made of bamboo, then a towel is just about the softest, most luxurious thing you’ll ever lay your hands on.  And that’s precisely how I feel about the bamboo bath products by Bamboobino.

The Bamboo Hooded Enclosed Wrap for Baby is exactly what it sounds like — a gloriously soft and warm wrap to tie around baby after a bath.  It’s generously sized to accommodate babies from newborn up to 11 months, though some will outgrow it sooner, and some later, too.

I absolutely love it, but alas my daughter is 4 1/2 so I never got to snuggle her in one of these.  I can’t imagine anything better for after her baths. I’m only sad we didn’t discover Bamboobino earlier, since the Hooded Enclosed Wrap would have gotten tons of use. 

Being made mostly from bamboo — an absorbent material — means Bamboobino’s Hooded Enclosed Wrap ($45) dries baby in no time.  I also love the After Bath Hat, ($16.00) which is too darn cute!  This adorable topper has an absorbent terry finish to make drying hair a breeze!

Bamboobino_washcloths I also tested a set of Bamboobino’s Bamboo Baby Washcloths ($14 for a pack of 5) and I absolutely love them.  I’ve made them the dedicated bath cloths for my daughter, so gentle on her sweet, sensitive skin and I really love how soft they are for using around her delicate eye area.  Softness and absorbency aside, bamboo is also known for its antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties. Nice things to know when you’re using it to wash the newest skin in the house.  And the Bamboobino Bamboo Baby Washcloths have a great little piece of ribbon sewn on them (the label, actually) that you can use for hanging them to dry after the bath.

I can’t recommend the made-in-Canada Bamboobino products enough.  They’re good for your baby, good for the planet, and good for you.  Besides, have you ever felt a squishy little baby bum underneath a thin layer of the softest fabric in the world?  You know you want to.

Bamboobino is available in here.  Products ship worldwide.

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