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Eco Ike owner Faith Moser launched her line of natural, fair-trade onesies and t-shirts in 2007, shortly after her son Ike was born. Passionate about the environment, Moser has striven to make smart choices about her line, including using non-toxic water-based inks for the designs.

But Moser’s focus on the environment goes beyond her products.  From receipt paper to packing materials, she chooses recycled and environmentally friendly items.  That’s an environmentally-conscious company.

Not only are these adorable and colorful onesies and tee’s the softest I have ever felt (so soft I wish they came in adult sizes), they are printed with the sweetest, simple and original captions and graphics, sure to make your baby the star of the playgroup.  Items are all natural, 100% fair trade and sweatshop-free.  Moreover, eco ike donates 5% of their proceeds to environmental non-profits.  I like that!

We all know it costs a bit more for organic items, especially quality, 100% certified organics, but I think at $22 – $24, you’ll agree this beautiful, quality line is also eco-friendly on the wallet!


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A wonderful trend is sweeping the nation, and unlike most trends, this one seems like it’s here to stay.  The trend I’m talking about is baby wearing.  There are many benefits to baby wearing and now there are even more choices in how to wear your baby.  So, let’s start with the benefits:

Wearing baby close to your body, makes them feel safe and secure.  Whether it’s mom, dad, grandma, grandpa or an aunt or uncle doing the baby wearing, baby has that extra sense of closeness and a special kind of bonding takes place.  You also have your hands free to do other things, which is a big bonus if you have a fussy little one that wants to be held all the time.  When my little one was an infant, the best choice out there was the Baby Bjorn, and while I loved it and carried her in it until she was 10 months old (always facing me), it was a big cumbersome and awkward.  How I wish I had all the choices then that we have now. 

So what is my favorite baby carrier on the market today?  Well, it’s hard to pick a favorite since there are a lot of great ones out there, but one new to the market really has me smitten.  The organic baby sling by HugaMonkey is not only attractive, inexpensive and eco-friendly, its cool sling design has no slipping, no rings, no folding and no fuss.  These high quality slings are fashioned from a single cut of breathable, durable, soft natural fabric with quadruple over lock stitching that prevents fraying and provides strength so that the body-conforming tube with seat pouch is adaptable to carry infant or toddler with cuddly support.  The fabric consists of 60% organic cotton and 40% natural bamboo and is moisture and wrinkle-resistant.  It’s machine washable and just right for newborns up to age 3 or 30 pounds.

Priced at an affordable $40 and with so many great prints, you might want to buy more then one.  The sling is made from made from earth-friendly organic bamboo.  How cool is that?  Good for baby and good for the environment.  Purchase your sling at www.motherearthandbaby.com and HugaMonkey today!

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Alright, I’ll admit it, when my daughter was an infant there were two things that made me really nervous.  One was bathing her and the other was clipping her miniscule, translucent fingernails.  (We’ll discuss the fingernails tomorrow.)  When bathing my daughter in the sink, I was always afraid she’d slip out of my hands and bang her sweet little head on the porcelein.  If I bathed her in the baby tub, she would cry like she was being tortured.  She didn’t like the reclined position or having parts of her exposed to the cold. 

How I wish I had known about these wonderful European tubs.  Designed from your baby’s point of view, this bath allows your baby to sit in a natural upright position and keeps your baby warm and relaxed in the bath. Babies love this tub.  Parents love it too because it is easy to use, comforting and secure for your baby.

Made by Spa Baby with this guarantee – your baby will not cry in this tub.  If your baby doesn’t love this tub, you can return it for a full refund.   Some other great features; they’re BPA Free and 100% recycleable.  Fill the tub with an organic hooded bath towel or wrap, washclothes, bamboo After bath hat, organic pajamas and all natural baby products and you have the perfect baby gift! 

Available now in the USA at motherearthandbaby.com!

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Organic Marries Luxury
Robbie Adrian is as passionate about luxury and style for your baby as they are about the environment.  Whether you are looking for the healthiest and most sumptuous blanket for your baby, or the most elegant and chic gift, Robbie Adrian luxury organic baby blankets are exquisitely made and are offered in plush 100% certified organic cotton velour or soft 100% certified organic cotton fleece.  Trimmed with 100% natural silk, in rich matching hues. All blankets are machine washable and dryable.  Made in the USA.
Organically grown cotton is better for the health of your family and the environment.  It is that simple. 

What is organic?
Organic cotton is cotton grown naturally without the use of harmful chemicals.  Organic farming relies on natural processes to grow, maintain and harvest the cotton, rather than the chemicals in pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers used in growing conventional cotton.

Halle Berry, Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Lopez are a few of the celebrities who love Robbie Adrian blankets. 

Pre-order yours today at www.motherearthandbaby.com and receive free shipping* with code:  Robbie

*free shipping is only valid in the USA.  This offer expires on September 18th.

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Looking for the newest, safest, eco-friendliest toys on the market?  Here’s one we are “in love” with and we’re sure you will be too!  The old adage, “There’s no use crying over spilled milk,” really is true for the folks at Green Toys™, who recycle plastic milk containers to create sleek, functional eco-toys for tots.  This is an ideal way to teach your children about sorting the recycleables from the trash, explaining that Green Toys turns used milk jugs deposited into curbside recycling receptacles into fun, interactive toys!

Green Toys™ are made in the U.S.A (California to be precise), and they provide nontoxic entertainment for children – as they do not contain BPA or phthalates.  Derived from used milk containers that would otherwise pollute and simply pile up, Green Toys™ help reduce landfill waste and greenhouse gas emissions while also saving energy and promoting the well-being of the planet. 


 eco friendly toys, eco kids, eco toy, eco toys, eco toys kids, eco-friendly kids toys, eco-friendly play, ecofriendly play, ecotots, green kids, green kids gifts, green kids toys, green toy, green toys, kids, play, recycled toys, sustainable toys for kids, Toddlers, toys
Children with a penchant for entertaining will delight in the Green Toys Tea Set and the Green Toys Cookware and Dining Set.  Both are equipped with all of the essentials that a host or hostess with the mostess will need to throw a high tea extravaganza or a miniature feast.  For kids who want to dig into the soil or sandbox and get their hands dirty, the Green Toys Sand Play Set will help them build the perfect castle, and the Green Toys Indoor Gardening Kit will enable them to plant an organic garden.

The concept behind Green Toys™ gives new meaning to the saying, “Someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure.”  These popular toys are sure to be a big hit this holiday season, so be sure to order yours now, as it can take 1-2 weeks for them to ship due to the high demand!

Green Toys™
retail for $19.99-$39.99

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Bamboobino_hooded_wrap A towel is a towel is a towel, right?  Wrong.  If it’s made of bamboo, then a towel is just about the softest, most luxurious thing you’ll ever lay your hands on.  And that’s precisely how I feel about the bamboo bath products by Bamboobino.

The Bamboo Hooded Enclosed Wrap for Baby is exactly what it sounds like — a gloriously soft and warm wrap to tie around baby after a bath.  It’s generously sized to accommodate babies from newborn up to 11 months, though some will outgrow it sooner, and some later, too.

I absolutely love it, but alas my daughter is 4 1/2 so I never got to snuggle her in one of these.  I can’t imagine anything better for after her baths. I’m only sad we didn’t discover Bamboobino earlier, since the Hooded Enclosed Wrap would have gotten tons of use. 

Being made mostly from bamboo — an absorbent material — means Bamboobino’s Hooded Enclosed Wrap ($45) dries baby in no time.  I also love the After Bath Hat, ($16.00) which is too darn cute!  This adorable topper has an absorbent terry finish to make drying hair a breeze!

Bamboobino_washcloths I also tested a set of Bamboobino’s Bamboo Baby Washcloths ($14 for a pack of 5) and I absolutely love them.  I’ve made them the dedicated bath cloths for my daughter, so gentle on her sweet, sensitive skin and I really love how soft they are for using around her delicate eye area.  Softness and absorbency aside, bamboo is also known for its antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties. Nice things to know when you’re using it to wash the newest skin in the house.  And the Bamboobino Bamboo Baby Washcloths have a great little piece of ribbon sewn on them (the label, actually) that you can use for hanging them to dry after the bath.

I can’t recommend the made-in-Canada Bamboobino products enough.  They’re good for your baby, good for the planet, and good for you.  Besides, have you ever felt a squishy little baby bum underneath a thin layer of the softest fabric in the world?  You know you want to.

Bamboobino is available in here.  Products ship worldwide.

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We have been trying to catch clouds today with not much success 

…well, to be accurate, no success. 

We’re not very good at ropes.  We’re better at spelling.  But we’re not sure about “lasso” – that doesn’t look right.  Maybe we spelt “lasso” wrong and that is why we cannot catch a cloud.  Maybe we spelt “spelled” wrong. 

Maybe we’re not good at spelling either

…hmmm.  We are very good at pretending to be frogs.

Welcome to the fun and entertaining world of Tummy Mountain, where the Little One’s chase clouds and generally get into some form of mischief or another all day, every day. 

I just absolutely love the way Lloyd (the tall one), through paint and paper, gives us a delightful glimpse of a child’s world, through their eyes.  And somewhere in the recesses of my mind, I catch a glimpse of my own childhood in these whimsical paintings. 

What a fun and cheerful way to decorate a childrens room or playroom.  In fact, this adult has been making room on her office walls for a few of her own!  To view more of this uniquely sweet children’s line, visit www.motherearthandbaby.com today. 

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