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By Heidi Rosenberg

When purchasing books for the lovely children in our lives the highest
priority should be to seek out books with meaningful content. Try to avoid
poor quality and commercialism.

Go back in time when my generation (children of the 70’s) and older were
growing up. Almost all the books were good quality books, with great
content. I am sure you still remember some to this day. In the 80’s two
things happened, big publishing houses and mass retailers! Because of this
profit margins became the driving force for the production of books. All of
a sudden books became based on TV cartoons, video games and general

So getting back to the question, how do you choose good quality books for
children when there are so many books out there?

1. Seek out books that you remember from your childhood. (House that Jack
built, Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Hen, Three Billy Goats Gruff and
many more)
2. Look for new books that will build on important values for your family.
3. Avoid books that will take the child back to the television or computer.
4. Give your child good quality books. 5. Read to your child and enjoy good
quality time together. Books with music CDs are a great way to enjoy a

Barefoot Books, a small independent company that started in 1993 by two
working mothers, Nancy Traversy and Tessa Strickland has the vision and
goals to publish and share books, gifts and arts that promote children’s
love for learning, independence of the spirit, multiculturalism and
protection of the environment. Barefoot Books products include award-winning
books, music cds and colorful artworks that appeal to children and all
children at heart.

About the Author
Written by Heidi Rosenberg I became an independent stallholder for Barefoot
Books in September 2008. I have two young children and we love reading
together. Being an independent stallholder has given me the opportunity to
stay home with my children but still earn a little bit of spending money. We
love the books; they have such great artwork and fantastic stories and many
of the books have facts for the reader in the back.
My website www.barefootbooksus.com

My link to barefoot books


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So much care and attention goes into preparing for a new baby, and it’s only natural that you would want to provide the very best.

organic bedding

One of the decisions that new parents are faced with is whether to choose a traditional or organic crib mattress.  Organic crib mattresses work just as well as traditional mattresses but have the added benefit of being free from chemicals.  Here are some considerations to help you in your purchasing decision:

1. By purchasing organically made products, such as a crib mattress, you are influencing the marketplace with your dollars.  The more people purchase organic products, the more they are likely to be provided in the future.  Because organically grown cotton reduces the use of pesticides in fields, your purchase is helping the environment.

2. Switching from a traditional crib mattress to an organic crib mattress may be more than just an eco-friendly move.  It may be a matter of safety.  Many traditional crib mattresses contain a number of materials with questionable effects.  Experts are starting to look at everything from polyurethane foam to chemical fire retardants to see what kinds of effects they may have on growing babies.

3. Some experts say that organic crib mattresses, with their natural ingredients, allow air to flow freely through the mattress.  The better air circulation may help your baby breathe better.  In addition, some studies suggest that the organic cotton may lead to a lower incidence of allergic reactions.

4. Due to the recent interest in organic baby products, be wary of any misuse of the word “organic” in the marketplace.  You want to make sure that you are getting a certified organic mattress.  You can also call the Organic Consumers Association to get a list of accredited organic retailers.

5. If you’re purchasing your organic crib mattress online, you need to read the fine print and look through the list of components.  A mattress may say that it’s organic, but lists polyurethane in the components, for example, it can’t be 100 percent organic.

6. Organic crib mattresses are more expensive than traditional crib mattresses.  But given the fact that a new baby spends 70 percent of her time sleeping, it might be worth a little bit extra to get an organic crib mattress. When you lay your baby down on something you know is chemical free, you may find that you rest easier yourself.  Some of your better online retailers offer free shipping on large purchase items like organic mattresses.

Babies have been sleeping on traditional mattresses for a long time, so don’t be overly alarmed by the claims or warnings that you might read online while researching organic baby gear.  That said, with so many chemicals in our world today, it might make sense to research your options before making this important purchase.

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Mother Earth and Baby Honors Breast Cancer Awarness Month

As women, we know how important it is to be aware of breast cancer and to take the necessary precautions, self-testing and regular mammograms, to detect breast cancer in its earliest stages.  In an ongoing effort to educate and help women, Mother Earth and Baby is offering 15% off Earth Mama Angel Baby Breastfeeding Kits.  We will also donate 5% of all sales from the Breastfeeding kits to research for breast cancer.  To view and purchase a kit, please go to:  www.motherearthandbaby.com

As a special bonus, Mother Earth and Baby will be giving away a beautiful floral backpack diaper bag by OiOi (retail value $150.00).  Every customer who purchases from www.motherearthandbaby.com will automatically be entered into the contest.  The winner will be selected by random drawing on November 1st and notified via email by November 2nd.  Mother Earth and Baby will cover all shipping charges.


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In a world full of toxic materials, hazardous chemicals, pollution and so much more, who do we trust when it comes to raising our children?  Our little ones are our most precious commodities and we would do anything to keep them safe and secure.  These days it’s hard to know who really has our children’s best interest in mind.  We are posting the information below because we feel that as parents, it is our duty to educate ourselves in order to make the correct decisions in raising our children.  We hope you find the following information useful.

Warmest Regards,

Terri L. Scinto
Mother Earth and Baby, LLC

A message from Green to Grow about BPA and the FDA

Dear Friends,

Just days before the California legislature will be considering passing a ban on the toxic chemical BPA in some children’s products, the FDA has announced BPA is safe for human consumption.  Although there are over 100 published reports by government scientists and independent research labs documenting the risks of BPA (particularly for infants and children), the FDA has relied solely on two chemical-industry funded studies that concluded BPA poses no risk to human health. At this point I would say it is entirely clear the FDA is more committed to protecting the interests of industry rather than ensuring the safety of the public.

It is important to note that the National Toxicology Program, an arm of National Institutes of Health, has produced studies that differ in their results from those that the FDA has chosen to accept. So what the FDA has chosen to do is ignore reports from within its own system in favor of those funded by special interests. A public meeting has been scheduled for September 16 to discuss issues arising from the preliminary report issued by the NIH, which expresses concern over the dangers of BPA, especially in relation to infants and children. One thing to keep in mind – and this is consistently misreported by the media – no one is saying that BPA is safe. Everyone acknowledges that it is a dangerous toxicant. The only argument is over the level required to inflict major and irreparable damage.

Please read the articles below to get a brief overview on this issue, particularly the Washington Post article titled “Studies on Chemical In Plastics Questioned: Congress Examines Role Of Industry in Regulation.” This is essential reading.

Last, two statistics for your consideration: More than 6 billion pounds of bisphenol A are produced in the U.S. each year by Dow Chemical, BASF, Bayer AG and other manufacturers. Studies indicate that 95% of us have detectable levels of BPA in our systems.

Thanks for your time and commitment to educating people about this issue. Clearly we can’t rely on our government to do the right thing. It will be up to companies like Green to Grow, and those who support us, to keep the issue visible.

All the best,

Michael Ritterbrown
Shelley Aronoff
Green to Grow

Studies on Chemical In Plastics Questioned
Congress Examines Role Of Industry in Regulation
By Lyndsey Layton
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, April 27, 2008; A01

FDA Decision Over BPA Meant to Influence California Lawmakers?
Environmental Working Group News Release, August 15, 2008
EWG is a nonprofit research organization based in Washington, DC that uses the power of information to protect human health and the environment.

FDA Says Chemical Found in Plastic Bottles is Safe
Associated Press, Matthew Perrone, August 15, 2008

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This is a great Moby Wrap demonstration with a baby in a front carry.  This clear video with easy to follow instructions, makes it a breeze to expertly use your Moby Wrap right out of the package.

The Moby is an excellent carrier choice for baby’s first year, it’s the sort of thing parents speak of as a lifesaver, an essential gift and something they used every day- it is so soft and stretchy, babies just love to be swaddled inside it and soothed by your walking movements.  Also, a wrap offers so much flexibility about positioning and size, it works for everybody. Moby is just $39, so it’s a really affordable carrier for a newborn and the months that follow, and then most families graduate to a soft structured carrier -something with support on both shoulders and the hips, something for front and backpack style carry positions to take you through the toddler years.

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Do you have children or are you expecting?  Do you clean your home with household cleaner products?  If you answered yes to these questions, you need to know the following facts:

#1: Many of those cleaning products in your home may contain hazardous toxic chemicals.

(Read the labels and see the warnings!)


#2: Of chemicals commonly found in the home, over 150 have been linked to allergies, birth defects, cancer, and psychological abnormalities.

Do you want to continue to expose your children or pets to these health hazards?  Is it worth the potential health risk to continue using these unhealthy products?


After a lot of time searching for and testing natural cleaning products, we have found a safe and healthy choice!  By using these household cleaning products that are ‘non-toxic’ and contain ‘No synthetic chemicals’, you can start to eliminate these toxic chemicals in your home!


Non-Toxic Cleaners

BabyGanics Non-Toxic Cleaners

BabyGanics non-toxic household cleaning products are formulated to be safe to use around babies and pets.  They contain no synthetic chemicals and leave no toxic residue.  Mother Earth and Baby now carries and highly recommends BabyGanics non-toxic cleaning products.  To view the entire line, visit www.motherearthandbaby.com .  We want to help you make healthier choices.

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With so much talk about global warming, eco-friendly products and going green, what does being green mean to you?

Does it mean throwing out everything that isn’t natural or eco-friendly?  Does it mean driving a hybrid, bathing once a week with rain water and having solar panels on your home?  Or does it just mean making small changes, like recycling cans and newspapers?  

With so many options available these days, going green is easier then ever.  Even the smallest changes help save Mother Earth and make our planet a little greener for generations to come.  I like to think that there are shades of green, or levels of green and if we all do something, it’s a start in the right direction. 

For the expecting mom, or new mom to be, there are organic cotton and bamboo maternity clothes, natural pregnancy products, skin care and even diaper bags.  For baby, every day new products are emerging.  From BPA-Free baby bottles, to easy-to-use cloth diapers, to bamboo clothing and organic mattresses.

Now that gas prices are soaring, it’s also easier than ever to shop online for all your eco-friendly purchases.  Sit back and relax with an iced or hot tea, whatever your beverage preference is, (it is your home after all) and browse the internet for all your needs.  And organic, doesn’t mean drab anymore!  Organic has gone luxury.  Oh yes it has, with colors and ultra soft, comfortable organic cotton and bamboo clothing, sheets, toys, etc…  Looking for one stop shopping?  Visit www.motherearthandbaby.com for a wide range of eco-friendly products and gifts for baby and mom!  Going green has never been so easy or stylish!

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